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2007 Cabernet

2012 Chardonnay

2006 '975' Cabernet Dessert Wine

2011 Late Harvest Chardonnay

Late Harvest Chardonnay Photos



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2011 Cabernet After Early October Rain


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Springtime In The Vineyard


The New Growing Season Starts

Winter annual grasses provide erosion control in the Winter and are allowed to grow in the vineyard until they go to seed in the Spring each year before being mowed.  Vines start their new growth each year in March/April, and continue growth into the Summer. 

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Frost Season

Water sprinkled over the vines will form a layer of ice around new growing tissue when the temperature drops below freezing.  This layer insulates and protects the plant tissue from below freezing temperatures.

It also provides some pretty amazing photo opportunities.

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March, 2012 Brought Us Over 10 Inches of Rain - Wonderful Rain!

January and February brought Napa Valley unusually warm, dry Spring type weather, with the ground and reservoirs thirsty for water.  Buds were beginning to push.  Then March brought cooler weather and over ten inches of rain, soaking into the soil, providing much needed runoff to fill reservoirs, and cooling the soil to delay bud break in most vineyards.  As we enter April, we are getting a more seasonal bud break, with every day one day farther from the chances of damaging frost. 

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