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2007 Cabernet

2012 Chardonnay

2006 '975' Cabernet Dessert Wine

2011 Late Harvest Chardonnay

Late Harvest Chardonnay Photos



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2013 Chardonnay --  Re-set your Palate

Silver Medal Winner San Francisco International Wine Competition 2017

Our first Chardonnay was produced in 2010 to create a wine we liked to drink.  Our cool climate fruit was barrel fermented, half in new French Oak and half in stainless steel, stirred on the lees three times a week, with no malo-lactic fermentation.  The result is a Burgundy style wine with bright acid, tropical fruit, Meyer lemon and honeysuckle aromas, nice minerality and a rich mid-palate with just enough oak to pull it all together into a long, sweet finish. 

This wine will re-set your palate for Napa Valley Chardonnay. 

                           2013  -  275 Cases Produced   750 ml  $39

                           2012  -  285 Cases Produced   750 ml  $39  Sold Out

                           2011  -  750 ml  --  Sold Out

                                 2010  -  750 ml  --  Sold Out

 Order Now To Secure Yours                                  Buy Now


2011 Late Harvest Chardonnay -- This wine is sold out, but still worth talking about.   

"Balance" describes all our wines, but our Late Harvest Chardonnay defined the word.  At 11% alcohol and 11.7% residual sugar, it is neither 'hot', nor cloyingly sweet.  The first sip wakes up your palate with fresh fruit acid, fills your mouth with nectar-like qualities, and then extends into a finish you won't forget.  The perfect wine matched up with a wide variety of desserts, cheese plates, dried fruits and candied nuts. 

                               Only 49 cases produced    375 ml    $56 --  Sold Out



2008 Cabernet Sauvignon  --  Current Cabernet Release

Gold Medal Winner San Francisco International Wine Competition 2017

2008 started off with significant frost damage and then rain during bloom, resulting in a very light crop.  The 2008 Cabernet was whole berry fermented in open top French Oak Barrels, resulting in a dense, rich color extraction, and extremely smooth tannins.  This wine has aged very well, opening up with intense characters of black fruit, cocoa and dried herbs.  This wine will be remembered as one of our very special vintages.

                                    Only 186 cases produced    750 ml    $100          Buy Now

                                    20 cases produced     375 ml    $56                        Buy Now  


2007 Cabernet Sauvignon 

The rich and juvenile character of the 2007 make it the new kid on the block, released in April, 2012.  Sound acidity and youthful tannins set this wine well with bold foods that can handle its power.

                                    293 cases produced    750 ml    $100                    Buy Now

                                    30 cases produced     375 ml    $56  --  Sold Out


2006 Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2006 Cabernet is ripe and luscious, reminiscent of the 2002 and 2004 vintages.  The silky texture is the entry to a complex of black fruit, tea leaves, dried herbs and spice.

                                  260 cases produced    750 ml    $100                     Buy Now 

                                   30 cases produced      375 ml    $56                       Buy Now

2005 Cabernet Sauvignon

Deep, rich and full of ripened fruit flavors, our 2005 Cabernet will delight your palate.  Rich with black fruit characters, this wine shows the lushness of our 2003, with sweet aromas of cedar, cigar box and fruit.  As expected, this wine finishes with a long sweetness that characterizes our balanced wines. 

                                 220 cases produced    750 ml    $120                      Buy Now

                                 15 cases produced        375 ml    $56   --  Sold Out                                


2004 Cabernet Sauvignon

Rich, complex and restrained, the 2004 was released a year after our 2005.  Much like the 2002, this wine was slow to open up, but the wait was worth it.  Deep and rich, this is a powerful wine that is developing its smooth, creamy texture on the palate.  The deep, bright garnet color gives you an early  glimpse of what to expect.  Rich black fruit aromas continue to evolve as this wine sits in the glass, followed by soft, silky fruit tannins on the palate.  Balance is the key: fruit, oak, and acid in perfect harmony for a solid structure, creamy rich mouth feel and a lingering sweetness on the finish. 

                                 270 cases produced    750 ml    $125                      Buy Now


2003 Cabernet Sauvignon

Rich, deep flavored, ripe fruit gives the 2003 a full, creamy mouth feel with that soft, silky tannin structure that characterizes our Cabernet.  Aromas of black fruit, cassis, tea leaves, and cocoa brought forward by a rose petal richness.  Very rich on the palate, with a long, silky sweet finish.  You won't want to miss this limited Wicker vintage.  Limited availability from our library selections.

"This is my NEW favorite vintage" is an expression we are hearing a lot recently. 

                                 97 cases produced    750 ml    $130                       Buy Now   Very Limited Availability

2002 Cabernet Sauvignon

Initially restrained, our 2002 is a powerful wine now showing the floral, black fruit nose of the '01.  Deep garnet color, big chewy mouth feel with a soft, silky texture, ripe black fruit flavors and a potpourri of aromas from  tea leaves, sweet clove, orange peel, mint, cocoa and leather.  The long sweet finish will leave you longing for another sip, and asking yourself what this wine will be in another 5 years.  I am continually struck by the power of this vintage.  Limited availability from our library selections.

                               103 cases produced    750 ml    $130                    Buy Now   Very Limited Availability


2001 Cabernet Sauvignon

Our first year leads off a wonderful string of vintages from our vineyard on Howell Mountain.  This full bodied mountain Cabernet is open in the glass, with a floral aroma backed with the richness of chocolate cream, hints of tea leaves and leather.  This wine is aging gracefully and is showing the elegance of pure Howell Mountain Cabernet.  Very limited availability from our library selections. 

                                 72 cases produced    750 ml    $125  --    Sold Out         










2011 Wicker Vineyards '975' Cabernet Dessert Wine

(We can't call it Port, but we can make it taste like one)    

This late harvested, dessert style wine will be the perfect encore to your evening meal.  Fruit driven, it is neither cloyingly sweet at 6% residual sugar, nor overly alcoholic at 18.5% alc.  Fortified with incredible high proof, barrel selected from the distillery at Germain-Robin, it has layers of ripe fruit and chocolate with a wonderful Congnac undertone.  As with all our wines, balance is the key to the approachability and ageability of this superb bottling.  Only 35 cases were produced, this wine will soon be gone.                                      35 cases produced    500 ml    $90               Buy Now



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